Spec-TACK-ular Party

February 26, 2008

Going against the voice of my conscience screaming at me to stay home and study for my midterm tomorrow (a voice that was amplified because of all the mediocre marks I got back today), I went over to a friend's place for a little bit of a Tacky Tuesday get-together.

Sure, I'm probably going to kick myself in the face tomorrow during the exam when I realize I know nothing but it was really fun dressing up like total fashion disasters, having our own little photo shoot and playing Hoopla (which we rock at, by the way).

Clearly a remarkable display of athletic talent and artistic style.


Andrew said...

nice o jasmine :P

Jasy said...

HAHa!!! Thank you andrew! :P I think I make a fabulous O. ;P

bee- good form!!! hahha

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