Favourite Things Friday: Kitty Staple-Free Stapler

February 8, 2008

This cute staple-free stapler from fredflare is another desk accessory I love. And being staple-free, it seems to be a lot safer than the traditional stapler. It'd eliminate the waste and hassle of having staples in your paper. I've always hated taking staples out. Plus, it would also prevent any injuries a traditional stapler might cause, say... if you're stupid enough, like me, and decide one day that your finger is definitely strong enough to stop a stapler from coming out and are compelled to test that theory...


Clara Tsui said...

in my childhood i actually managed to staple my thumbs together. by myself.
this might be a sound investment for me

princess_pauper said...

i did too...on TWO separate occasions. talk about stupidity =/

S2jay said...

oh my gosh.. i saw this stapler at the physio clinic today and i was tempted to use it, except i was there for an interview, and it wouldn't have been very professional of me..


it smaller than i thought

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