Cool As A Cute-Camber

February 10, 2008

Happy (Lunar) New Year! I know this is a little late but we didn't have our big family dinner until this past Saturday. Almost every family meal, we go to the same Chinese restaurant near my grandmother's place (we call it "the usual"). I'd usually cringe at the thought but ever since last Chinese New Year, they've invited a local 'lion dance troupe' (I'm not actually sure what they're called) to come and perform while people eat. Last year was Nathan's very first CNY. We thought he might be scared by the loud sounds and the dragon/lion costumes but he was very much fascinated. This year, we feared the same thing but once again, he showed us that he will not run in the face of danger. Nope, our little guy stood there and watched the creatures dance by and he even gave them lucky money (the lion 'eats' it).

After the show was over, he really missed the lion. He asked to be excused from his seat and went looking for the lion. Disappointed, he went back to his seat, took some red pockets out of my purse and said "bey (give to) lion?" in hopes that that would bring him back. Fortunately, the red jello served at the end of the meal along with many other desserts appeased his little heart.

Oh, and the "cute-camber"? That's how Nathan says "cucumber".


Jasy said...

What a cutie! hahaha I love his china outfit! lol

p.s. I thought they were dragons not lions. Or are there both?

Andrew said...

maybe we should hire one of those lion dance things for his birthday :)

Larissa said...

That is insanely adorable. I can't believe he wasn't freaked out by the loins. Those things traumatized me for years.

Cindy said...

Oooo, the outfit is soooo cute on him. Where did you buy it? I plan to get one for Jared for the next Chinese new years. He was too young this year for it to have made a difference (meaning he was more of a blob being immobile but hopefully he'll be running around by next year).

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