Fighting Til The End

February 11, 2008

On my way to my exam this morning, I noticed someone sitting with a laptop, looking at what appeared to be the final exam schedule for this term. Being the absolute keener (read: procrastinator queen) that I am, I went home to check and see if it was up. It was. The final exam period for this term is from April 10 to April 24. You'll never guess when my last exam is.

That's right, folks. My very last exam of my very last undergraduate term (crosses fingers) is on the very last day, in the very last time slot possible. And I have two exams that day! Can you imagine my luck?! Looks like I'll be here, fighting it out to the very end.


Jasy said...

oh man! that sucks!! -- but it means loo gets to keep you for a little longer i guess :P

S2jay said...

it's okay, my last exam is currently may 7th. and i've only seen the dates for 2 of my exams ): (the other one being the 28th of april..) SO really, its not THAT horrible

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