Turning 22

February 13, 2008

Yesterday, after writing the most miserable midterm of my undergraduate career, and after volunteering at the pool, I was finally free to celebrate my birthday! Andrew picked me up from the pool and had surprises waiting for me in the car, one of which was a HKstyle bubble tea - the pool always leaves me soo thirsty.

Then, we were off to the chain of events Andrew had planned for the evening.

Part 1: We went to the mall to pick up an outfit for me (plus two pairs of shoes that I didn't actually need).

Part 2: Going home to get changed. This is where I found a rose-friend for the other rose that was in the car, waiting on my bed.

Part 3: Dinner at King Street Trio. I ordered an Angus Beef Ribeye which was amazingly tender (and it was well done too!). For dessert we had a caramel apple cheesecake. Yum!

Part 4: Pictures in the park. Okay, I added this part in myself. We were trying to decide what might be fun to do after dinner and I thought pictures in the park might be nice. Two problems: 1. there's sooo much snow outside it was impossible to get anywhere, 2. my camera ran out of batteries. So we headed home to...

Part 5: Surprise cake! My housemates got me a frozen yogurt cake and invited a bunch of people to come over and ... well.. sing to me and eat cake.

Thank you for coming, even during intense midterm season, friends!

And today? Today I bummed around all day at home instead of going to class because a girl needs to recuperate after all that birthday fun! I managed to be a little productive though and ordered wedding favours!


alana said...

Sounds like you had a great day (minus the miserable midterm, of course!)

Clara Tsui said...

frozen yogurt cake!! :(

S2jay said...

Hey look. new shirt!

Andrew said...

two of them! (new shirts that is)

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