Favourite Things Friday: Pilates

March 7, 2008

... more specifically, the 10-minute pilates videos on YouTube!

I've never done pilates before but Alison invited me to try it out a while ago so, here I am. I've taken to rolling out my yoga pilates mat recently because I have a horrible back and I've learned in my Low Back Disorders class that muscle endurance will help reduce pain. So, I've been trying to strengthen my back and work on toning my body at the same time (helloo! honeymoon coming up!). These videos are great for me because I can do a quick workout session as a break during my long nights of studying! Plus I feel great after, too.

1 comment:

pink said...

THIS THE LADY I DO PILATES WITH!!! hahahah! 'cept...this is a different routine. BUT FUN!! we should do it together!!

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