Stop The Clock

March 30, 2008

With just under a month of school left on the clock, most of the grads I know are thinking about the future. We've all been trying to come up with answers for the perpetual battery of questions regarding our plans for the summer, plans for the rest of our lives. Most of us answer half-heartedly, not entirely sure of ourselves but wanting to have something better to say than "I don't know".

We've been going through endless checklists to make sure we've completed the requirements for our degree, to make sure we have a fighting chance of being accepted into grad school or getting a job, despite the growing feeling that our chances our slim.

Despite all the uncertainties about the future I'm now facing, I feel like most of my worries stem from uncertainties from my past. This is another chapter of my life coming to a close! Is the story at least one that's good enough to tell, or is it something that's better forgotten.

Anyway, enough with the melodrama. Time to get back to my books.


Larissa said...

Almost done...that's so exciting!

Jasy said...

I think your story is very worth telling.

p.s. ``Let`s freeze time. Just take some time and freeze it.``


Bernice said...


... was it something I said?

Jasy said...

haha yah-- in first year we were in my room, you were sitting on the bed and i was on the comp. we were listening to either dana glover or lindsay lohan's what are you waiting for (hahhaa) and then you said "Let's freeze time. Just take some time and freeze it."

and then i wrote it down on a sticky note.

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