It's Spring

April 3, 2008

The weather's finally getting warmer! Andrew picked me up after class today and in celebration of the super warm weather*, we went to DQ and grabbed ourselves a nice cold snack. Yay for the first outdoor ice cream of the season!

Do you see how bright it was today? Andrew's eyes were all squinty!

Edit: Also of note today - there are 3 weeks left until I graduate and 4 months left until our wedding! YIKES!

*We were a little deceived about the actual temperature because the heat was unknowingly turned all the way up in my car from the other night when it was still snowing.


Jasy said...

Flesh juice is better than icecream.

Andrew said...

flesh juice... do you mean blood?

Jasy said...

hahahaa noooope! ...

ask bee.

hey bee, you should do flesh juice for your next favourite things friday LOL


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