Favourite Things Friday: Half-Price Apps

April 4, 2008

One of the best things we've discovered while being here in Waterloo (and living extremely close to the Plaza) is East Side Mario's half-price appetizers. With the purchase of a drink, you can order as many half-price appetizers as you want! What better way is there to feast on a budget?

Usually, I stick with my honey garlic wings but we recently decided to try out their Sicilian pizzas as well. My favourite, by far, is their Carbonara. It has Alfredo sauce, bacon, red onions and mushrooms topped with mixed cheeses.

And the best part about East Side's half-price apps? You can get them every day! We've gone just about every Wednesday this term and now we're like regulars - it feels so cool walking into the restaurant and having our regular waitress already know what drink we want.


Andrew said...

coke with ice please

Jasy said...

coke with no ice!!!

don't forget the best part of half-price apps-- the company! :D


also how she knows to put you and andrew on one bill and me on another. :P

mJ said...

are the wings served on NEWSPAPER?? LOL doesn't the ink get on them??

they look delicious nonetheless!

Bernice said...

i think it's actually wax paper with the "newspaper" printed on :) no ink-poisoning for us!

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