The Namesake

March 6, 2008

I've been trying to make it a point to read more this year as a way of balancing myself out a bit (which is probably one of the reasons for my academic downhill spiral but that's another story). Anyway, Andrew bought The Namesake for me at the Vancouver airport while we were waiting for our flight.
This book was a very enjoyable read. I love reading about other cultures and the amount of detail the author uses captured my attention and helped me paint vivid pictures in my head. It was a lovely experience.

The only problem with that is that I bought the movie to watch it after reading the book. I should have learned from experience that watching the movie after reading the book will almost always lead to disappointment (read: Catch Me If You Can).

I sat there one afternoon and watch the movie as my study break, trying to match the movie with the book. Nothing was the way I imagined it to be which was very disappointing. I would recommend the book to anyone who wants to read it but not in conjunction with the movie. You have to either pick one of the other. Not both.


pink said...

awww...I'm terribly sorry you didn't enjoy the movie. I guess, as an ignorant reader - I thought the movie was good.

but fair enough - our own imgination of what we portray to be happening usually turns out better than somebody else's.

Bernice said...

it's not your fault! i always do this to myself - i know i probably shouldn't watch the movie but i do anyway.

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