The Wedding Cake

March 11, 2008

This past weekend, I did squat in the way of wedding-related work. Well, actually that's not entirely true but the stuff we did wasn't that interesting. Plus, this entire weekend I spent with three sickly people, which resulted in me being sickly on the day of my big seminar presentation (cries) but that's another story for another day (if I ever feel the need to relive the horrific experience...).

So to brighten up everyone's start of the week, here's a funny video (aka. the reason I was late meeting up with Andrew for his basketball game last week - but it was so worth it). I hope our cake-buying experience is nothing like this...

I found this watching "Man Cold" by the same people - also very funny!


Jasy said...


I'm pretty sure if i were that guy I would have smashed the cake over that dumb sales woman's head!

What a psycho! lol

Larissa said...

That was great. It captures the evil wedding industry quite perfectly, I'd say!

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