Favourite Things Friday: Freedom

April 18, 2008

For the first time in a long while, I finally feel free. After writing another exam this morning, I walked out into the bright sun and breathed in the fresh air. I was free! Temporarily.

This weekend, we planned on staying in Waterloo for the weekend so we could get more studying done before our last two finals. I'm free to do whatever we want for one weekend. I don't have to worry about getting to appointments, running errands or urgent deadlines. I can do whatever I want! The possibilities are endless. I'm free.

And with this post, I am ending Favourite Things Fridays because I'd like the freedom (hah) to write whatever I want on Fridays. I knew I wouldn't last...


Larissa said...

What a wonderful feeling of being so free!

And that is exactly why I don't do blog posts with any routine...it feels too confining!

Andrew said...

i enjoyed favourite things fridays :)

maybe you can just post those on a friday but you don't need to do it every friday

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