I Can't Wait

April 15, 2008

Time's flying. I can't believe I'll be out of here in 10 days!

I can't wait until...
- I can stop worrying about school and focus my energy on wedding planning (and job finding)
- I can spend my days with Nathan again
- all the stuff I own is under one roof
- I don't have to fish the dirty sponge out of under a pile of dishes
- I don't have to stand outside the shower and wait for the warm water to come out
- I don't have to wait for the bathroom
- my laptop isn't permanently attached to my fingers
- my weeks aren't broken down into 3- and 4- day blocks
- my food comes from bowls or plates and not cans or paper bags
- I have just one "home" again


S2jay said...

"I can't wait to see my sister, jaynelle, again.."


ps: i was going to go to arton today.. but then i decided it wasn' worth the walk.. and went to get ice cream at summer's instead..

pps: yorkville is so lovely.. i'm so happy i live where i do.

ppps: Lets go on a road trip..

pppps: this ps buisness is getting out of hand.. HAHA (:

Bernice said...

re: ps: wait for me to go to arton's!

re: pps: yeah yeah...

re: ppps: i agree.. some more road-tripping is needed

re: pppps: no kidding. don't you have studying to do?

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