Favourite Things Friday: Meet The Chins

April 11, 2008

One of my friends recently messaged me and asked what I would hypothetically want as a wedding gift from London (England)! I didn't want to be greedy but curiosity got the best of me - what does London have to offer? I had no clue. So, off to Google I went to find out what unique things one could find in London and I stumbled upon this store called Purves & Purves.

As the wedding draws near, I'm getting more and more reluctant about finishing the registry and more interested in finding items that will make my living space look a little more unique. (Enter the Chins)

These may be offensive to some but I found them absolutely hilarious:

Mr. and Mrs. Chin
The salt and pepper shaker couple. While it doesn't fit into my picture of a perfect kitchen, I'm sure it would brighten up someone's morning if they saw these sitting beside their scrambled eggs.

King Chin and Queen Chin
For people who prefer to grind their own pepper, salt and other spices. There was a point in my life when I wished the wait staff at restaurants would let me have a go at grinding my own pepper but I don't think these will be making it into my cupboard either.

Mr. Chin
(Or maybe Baby Chin) This is the Chin I fell in love with. Look how cute he is standing with that huge spoon! Unfortunately, I don't eat hardboiled eggs (sold at fine grocery stores in cstsoi's dreams*). But maybe Andrew will want one! Because he eats hardboiled eggs! But then again, he wouldn't appreciate something as cute as this.

*apologies to cstsoi if this causes you any sort of embarassment... I thought it was funny!


Andrew said...

i like the baby chin

Chris Tsoi said...

HAHAHA :P Oiiiiiiiii :)

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