My Almost Venue

April 8, 2008

I almost had a Rich Bride Poor Bride moment this week. Over the weekend, I watched an episode with my sister where the couple decided to change venues, even after their deposit was put down. It turned out to be a good decision for them despite losing their original deposit because the second place looked much better. This got me thinking.

A while back, on the way to Ikea, we drove by a venue in Vaughan where a wedding reception was being held. It was dark outside and I could clearly see the bride inside in the foyer. In my mind, it was magnificent. Despite having already put our deposit down for another venue, I quickly scanned the property for the name of the building as we whizzed by. Bellvue Manor.

The name had been pushed to the back of my mind for all these months and in a moment of weakness Sunday night, I decided what I really wanted more than anything in the entire world was to have my reception at Bellvue Manor. I came up with all sorts of reasons why I should have my reception there. It has a stone exterior, which is something that has always made my heart melt. It would be such a beautiful backdrop for our wedding pictures. And for goodness sake, it's a "manor" and a little lady like me deserves a manor! (cue Bridezilla music)

Andrew and I compromised and said that if Bellvue had availability and we could get a package that fit our budget, we could make the switch. It turns out that they only had a room with a capacity of 200 people left. After finding out that their menu prices ranged from $125 to $150 per person, we decided in the end that it would not be worth the switch.

But that Manor really is beautiful (although I have never actually set foot on the grounds). My heart will ache for it every time I think about it and if one day we become rich and want to throw a big party, I am almost definitely certain that it will be there.

And thus ends my (unfruitful) almost RBPB moment.

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