April 24, 2008

There were some points in the wedding planning process where I really wanted to have Andrew's input. I thought it was kind of important to get his opinion on things like the menu, items to add to the registry and so on. At other times, I just needed a little bit of reassurance to make sure my ideas weren't out of line.

And then, there are instances where I really don't want his input, but he gives it to me anyway. These ideas come as a surprise, neatly packaged as if Andrew's been working on it for a long time. They are covered with warning signs that caution you to turn around and don't look back but he disguises them with words like "I have a great idea! Want to hear it?".

I know you're itching for an example so here it is. This is Andrew's idea of how our vows should be.. he says it will make them "grand" and "unforgettable".

Upon waking up from his nap an hour before our very last final exam, Andrew gets an idea. He thinks we should sing our vows. Neither of us are particularly good singers, but he seems to like the idea of us singing... all the time.

Anyway, in order for it to be carried out as Andrew has imagined, a mass choir will need to be in attendance at the wedding:
(To the tune of Handel's Messiah)

Andrew: I, Andrew...
Choir: Hallelujah! Hallelujah!
Andrew: Take Bernice...
Choir: Hallelujah! Hallelujah!
Andrew: To be my wife...
Choir: Hallelujah! Hallelujah!

Does anyone else find this a little unnecessary and inappropriate?

Edit: Another Hallelujah item:
Finally! I have written my last exam and handed in my last assignment.

As of 9pm tonight, my undergraduate career is complete.

Maybe some more profound, nostalgic post will follow.. but for now, I'm going to celebrate!


Jasy said...

HAHA! :D ROFL ... that's awesome!!! ... albeit extremely awkward if it actually happened... *coughs*

CONGRATS on being done!!! see you in 1/2 hr! :D

p.s. what does the picture have to do with the rest of the post? haha

princess_pauper said...

haha...it would be funny if you guys sang your vows.

and congrats too, on finishing your undergrad!

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