April 28, 2008

We went back to Waterloo today on a little bit of a day trip. I had to tie up some loose ends over at Laurier before my OneCard expired and we had to pick up a few things that we had left behind.

Originally, we had wanted to bring Nathan in for the day so he could hang out at Waterloo park and maybe see some of the animals but that plan got rained all over. So we ended up bringing Nathan to our "usual spots".

First, to East Side Mario's where we soon discovered that all our favourite items on the menu had been taken off.

Then, we went to Sweet Dreams, our favourite bubble tea shop. He tried a bit of everyone's drink and then we said "bye" to Bak bak (uncle), Jasmine, Me-ow and Jo.

Thanks to Jasmine for documenting our day!


Jasy said...

good day!! :D (except for when we discovered east sides killed off all our favourite dishes.)

i heart nathan times a great amount!
(but i don't heart that picture haha)

andrew said...

lol i love how he called kat "meow"

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