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May 15, 2008

The wedding invitations were supposed to be one of the major DIY projects I was going to undertake. However, because we were so limited with time and resources, we ended up outsourcing. And when I say outsourcing, I mean we had them made in China.

The first part was pretty easy - coming up with the design and concept. I had a pretty good idea of what I wanted, down to the font and paper textures. Then, we sent an electronic mock-up of our invite, followed with a paper mock-up of the papers I wanted for good measure. This is where the trouble started - our printer had a little bit of trouble finding what we needed and took a few liberties of his own with the final design.

Needless to say, this did not sit too well with the control-freak in me (thanks, Jas and Kat). I wanted the invitations to be perfect but what could I do about something happening half a world away. So, we waited. Well, I waited because I'm pretty sure Andrew never really thought about it all that much.

I waited and waited and finally the package came - with half of the invitation. The other half, the main part of the invitations, had to be re-done because apparently our printer was not satisfied with the quality. When I opened the package, I was in shock because it wasn't quite what I had expected. But, when we put it all together, we loved it.

The more I think about it, the more I feel like this project was DIY. With the help of my brilliant sister and her boyfriend, we've:
- stuffed the pockets
- gotten more registry cards then we were entitled to (yes, a certain someone engaged in felonious activities in order to ensure that every invited guest receives a card with a coupon because we love our guests and want to help them save money)
- re-stuffed them with the new cards
- hand-made each "belt" for the invitation
- typed up each and every address in powerpoint

And now we're waiting for the final piece to come in so we can address them babies and send them on their way. I sure hope the recipients are impressed!


Andrew said...

can i ask why i wasn't included in the thanks for the helpers... :P

Jasy said...

yeah what about me! i helped too!

although admittedly not in the tedious work of sticking things together and making belts. but there were many instances of too unsharpness that i dealt with! :P

Elizabeth said...

hehe, i'm catching up on your posts :D and yes, the invites ARE very lovely! you and your team did a wonderful job!! :)

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