We've Got Ants

May 14, 2008

After not blogging for so long, I'm sad to say that my come-back blog isn't quite that interesting. In fact, it's gross. But, it has to be done. Sort of as a warning to other people and a reminder to myself.

Forgetting that we have a little bit of an ant problem here (as in we have a colony of tiny red ants living in our foyer but we have no clue where they came from), I left my opened Toblerone bar on the ground (I was working on the ground).

Then, today, when I went to pick up the Toberlone bar, I noticed a dark speck.. a moving dark speck.. in the form of an ant. And then I realized what had happened. I had unknowingly set up a pseudo-ant trap and quite a few bugs had moved into my chocolate bar.

Utterly disgusted and quite disappointed that I hadn't eaten more of the bar before I put it down, I threw it into the garbage, knowing that I had at least gotten rid of some of the ants. But also learning that I should never leave my food unattended, especially not on the ground in front of an ant colony.


Jasy said...

wow that's really gross!
wb btw! :)

Andrew said...

now the ants are living in the garbage? or did you kill them first

Anonymous said...

ewww.. that's disgusting.

Bernice said...

there were too many of them. i figure they still have my whole freaking toblerone to eat before they run off somewhere else. by then it'll be garbage day.

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