What A Deal Steal!

May 29, 2008

The other day as we were driving to the post office, my sister and I spotted a sign. And it wasn't just any sign. It was a sign advertising a sale.

My sister and I gravitate towards these signs like flies to a light bulb. We know we probably shouldn't wander in but we do anyway and almost always get burned... or at least the plastic starts to melt a little.

Anyway, the sign was advertising a sale (50% off everything!) at Value Village where things are already supposedly dirt cheap. We are by no means fans of the place and we were a little hesitant to go in. But the wedding budget was starting to burst at the seams and this was a necessary move.

We ended up walking out with a great few items, including this lovely piece. I plan to hang it in the front hall of my new place... (hah!) I'm sure we'll find some way to spruce it up.

AND! I found out last night that people have been receiving my invitations ALREADY! I can't believe it!


Jasy said...

I LOVE value village!!! and missed the 50% off day. :( What a shame.

p.s. I still can't believe how good they look despite their deviance from the "plan"! hahaha

S2jay said...

OMG. gilmore girls! we could have made millions.. lets take dads picture and sell that... HAHA (:

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