Cracker Crumbs

June 2, 2008

Nathan loves crackers. And of course, he'll try to eat it whenever he can. Tonight, I told him "last cracker" about half an hour before his bedtime and put the box of crackers down where I thought he might not find it.

Who was I kidding, really, because next thing I know, Nathan discovers the box of crackers and excitedly rips the box open and takes the entire bag out (something he doesn't normally do).

He walks over to my sister's bed and shakes the bag as hard as he can until half its contents was emptied out. Without missing a beat, the kid picks up a cracker, stuffs it in his mouth and says "cracker!".

1 comment:

Jasy said...

hahaha!!! Awwww!!!

Gotta hand it to the kid though, he sure does know how to enjoy food :P

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