The Dress Is Here!

July 7, 2008

I actually got the dress June 30. I had to fight the post office to get it and when I finally got it and tried it on, I didn't like it. Yeah, you heard me. I didn't like it.

But now after a brief break from it and after trying it on again with all my "gear", I'm starting to like it again! Wanna see how it looks? Sure you do! (Except you, Andrew. If you look, you're dead meat.)

Front of the dress:

Just to show you just how big this baby is:

... And how much work needs to be done:

That's right. In case you can't tell, I'm standing in a pile of two pillows and a blanket. There's going to be some major reconstructing needed before I can wear this dress properly. With only 25 days left, I sure hope it can be done!

Oh and a very happy birthday to my dear little sister who turns 20 today!


Jasy said...


You are beautiful.

That is all.

JCL said...

B you look fabulous! Are you wearing heels on your bed?! You look REALLY tall and long!!

So excited for you and Andrew, make sure you have a great time at your own wedding, no stressing or fretting! Enjoy your special day!

Bernice said...

jasy: thank you. that is all.

jcl: hehe did you SEE the last picture? i'm standing on a whole heap of stuff! and thank you, i'll keep that in mind ;)

mJ said...

you look stunning! :)

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