End Of The Tunnel

July 12, 2008

We're nearing the finish/starting line. There are less than 3 weeks left and this morning, I was sitting at home desperately trying to keep my sanity and trying even harder not to throw in the towel.

There have been so many bumps in the road, especially with such little time left. Throughout the whole engagement, I've kept my cool, not letting things stress me out. I thought I was doing a pretty good job keeping on top of things, letting certain things slide. I haven't asked very much of anyone and I'm not demanding a lot so I'm not sure why I'm meeting so much resistance.

There's only one way out and that's to go through this storm, because the light at the end is so worth fighting for.


Andrew said...

can't believe its less than 3 weeks :)

mJ said...

you can do it! :)

and remember, I'm just a phone call away!

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