Just My Luck

July 19, 2008

In preparation for our honeymoon, I started thinking of some items that I'd like to bring along. Of course, I'd need some kind of entertainment for the plane ride and for beach days and then, with beach days in mind, it's quite obvious that sun gear, like sunglasses, would follow.

And then what happens? My mom sucks up my earbuds with a vacuum cleaner (she was very apologetic after), but it doesn't just get sucked up. It gets tangled in the rolly mechanism thing and gets mangled beyond all recognition. And the only way to get it out? To cut it into little pieces and pull it out.

Then, without missing a beat, someone steps on my bag with my brand new sunglasses in them. I thought maybe I could repair them so I grabbed some crazy glue and went to work. Of course, the glue for whatever reason doesn't dry where I need it to and instead seaps into the hinge where it conveniently dries there, rendering my glasses completely useless, even if I could end up gluing the arm back on.


1 comment:

S2jay said...

iPods are NOT safe in the LEUNG house.

with my ipod being wash and dried and your ipod being sucked up by the vacuum cleaner we probably should reconsider getting iphones..

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