July 24, 2008

After packing a carload of my stuff (a.k.a. boxes of things that were on my shelf... only) and moving it to Etobicoke, I was ready for some stress relief.

Luckily, I got to meet up with a new friend today to finish up my guestbook for the wedding and can I just say how excited I am about it? With 9 days to go, it was about time for me to get this project over with.

For at least a year now I've been buying all sorts of scrapbooking stuff fully intending on making scrapbooks but never actually getting around to it and now... well now, I have a beautiful guestbook for my guests to sign, made almost entirely by yours truly!

I just hope there's enough space in case people want to write me a nice note or draw a picture or something (hint hint).

1 comment:

Alana said...

Believe me when I say that it is an act of kindness and friendship that I will not be drawing anything in your guestbook. I may come prepared with some nice words though :)

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