A Place To Call Our Own

July 25, 2008

After searching high and low, we've finally found a place to call our own. It's not quite as nice as some of the places that stole my heart (the dark hardwood floors! and the beautiful kitchen!) but it's good enough for us to start our little life together.

We're finished signing the papers and all we have to do now is get the keys! It's all so exciting.

And in other news, I just accidentally threw an opened bottle of water to Andrew thinking it was capped. It was not. This is clearly an indication of how I have lost my mind. If anyone finds it, please return it soon. I need it back, stat.


Kat said...

thats so exicting!! : ) Im happy for you guys!

Jasy said...


also-- that is so sad irt losing your mind haha

hannah said...

1) where is your place so I can visit (stalk) you
2) congrats, I'm so happy for your new life together with andrew
3) I'm glad things are coming together for the wedding - which is just around the corner!!!!

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