Playing House

July 29, 2008

We've moved in! At least partially. Today was our first official day of moving into our new place and although Andrew could only be there for a little of it (our little money-getter had to go to work and then well, of course, if you you work hard, you party harder, so he dashed off to his bachelor's party after). It was so exciting, getting our keys and moving some stuff in.

And it's like playing Sims. You get to choose what you want and where to put it. But you also have financial limits and only so much space (yay.. reality).

The only sucky part is that my bed has been dismantled and is currently waiting to be moved to Etobicoke. That means I have no where to sleep for the next couple of days. Excellent way to prep for the big day, eh?

1 comment:

Jasy said...

you should post pictures when you have time to take some! :)

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