Miss Leung, For The Last Time

August 1, 2008

Hi All! Just wanted to say hi one last time as a Miss. I'll probably be kicking myself in a few minutes for wasting precious seconds writing this but it has to be done.

Wheee! I'm getting married tomorrow (but if you saw me today, you wouldn't know it. The last day is stressful!)

The next post I write, I'll be a Mrs! See you on the other side!


Jasy said...

bye miss leung!


kay* said...

wow congratulations! i've had your blog bookmarked and have popped in and out a number of times! great blog and hope your day is fantastic!! so exciting.

Bernice said...

jasy: bye miss choi!

kay*: aww thanks! i'll pop over to your blog to show it some love right now :)

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