Learning Chinese

August 27, 2008

Although I hated every moment of being in Chinese school as a kid, there have been instances when I have regretted my inability to read (or even communicate) in Chinese. Most of the time, it's when I'm in Hong Kong. But this time, it's a little more important.

My yeh yeh (grandfather on my dad's side) passed away August 21 this year. We were lucky to see him a few more times this past year as we traveled back to Hong Kong a couple times. We're glad that Nathan got to meet his great-grandfather more than once. But it still doesn't help the fact that many of my relatives have written pieces about my grandfather all in Chinese and I can only read bits and pieces, not enough to have it make real sense. And now that I'm no longer living at home, it's a little harder to run to my parents every time I can't read a word (or sentence, or paragraph).

So now I've decided to take up Chinese again. It'll be a slow process but hopefully I'll keep at it long enough to actually develop better Chinese skills. Of course, my brilliant mind thought turning to Youtube would be a great idea. This is what my first search turned up with:

Maybe... not quite what I'm looking for.


mJ said...

good for you--learning chinese! that was one of my goals this summer. obviously, it hasnt been going so well for me. :P

haha that clip was hilarious. i love the last expression - cheap foreigner!! LOL i love it!

Jasy said...

hahaha ... well that's awkward!

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