We're Late... Again

September 2, 2008

We've been married for a month now and there are a few things I've learned over this month.

One thing I've noticed is that we're almost always rushing out the door because we're late for something. I couldn't figure out why. Before, it would always be because it took a little bit of extra time getting Nathan ready to go out. But lately, I've noticed that Nathan would be ready and we'd still be waiting at the door. I've finally figured out why.

Today, I decided to get lunch from a new Viet/Thai place that just opened nearby. I ordered for take-out and let Andrew know that it would be ready to pick up in 10 minutes (that's pretty quick!) thinking he'd leave right away to get it. I walk into the room a little while later to find Andrew still standing in front of the closet, shirtless. I asked him what he was doing still here, reminding him that our noodles would probably go soggy waiting for him. His reply?

"I'm looking for a good picking-up-take-out shirt." Seriously.

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