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September 27, 2008

We were in the mood for some sushi last night and conveniently enough, there was one just down the street. We ended up walking to Tokugawa for dinner (quite healthy of us, I thought).

At first, we weren't so happy with the service. The restaurant looked relatively quiet but the waitresses took a while to get around to us.

When the edamame finally arrived, Nathan's hand immediately reached out to it. "I want to play the game!" he said. "It's not a game, honey," I told him, but I should have known that he knew better. He called it a game and watching him eat it, I could see why. He had made a game out of popping the beans out of the pod. Then, to my surprise, he stuffed his mouth full of the beans. I was in shock. Was this my child who was willingly eating vegetables that even I don't eat? But then, this should also not surprise me because at meals, he regularly asks for vegetables and prefers them over meat.

Soon after, the food came and it was fresh and delicious. The servers were extremely hospitable, after the initial wait. It was an enjoyable experience. I'm so glad we were able to find a good restaurant in our area and I can't wait to discover more.

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pink said...

i wish I could walk to a good sushi place in barrie! :( I wish I could FIND a good sushi place in barrie!

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