School Closing

September 23, 2008

I intentionally dragged my aching body out of bed this morning, fully ready to take on the morning rush. Today was supposed to be Nathan's unofficial first day of school. We were supposed to go in to the school this morning to spend an hour there, to make sure Nathan would be okay with the whole idea.

I took a nice warm shower, keeping my eye on the time to make sure I got out of bed in time for Nathan to brush his teeth. Soon after I got out of the shower, I heard the phone ring. I wondered who would call so early in the morning.

And of course, all phone calls that come at odd hours of the day have to be bad news. It was Nathan's teacher calling to inform us that she was closing down the school. She was very apologetic and it was for reasons beyond her control, but it still doesn't change the fact that Nathan won't be going to school next Monday, and we don't even know if we can get him into a school for the rest of this year.

All I see, looking around the house, are little pieces of evidence of our preparation for today...


pink said...

whhhhat! that's so bizarre! Awww, I hope nathan wasn't too disappointed.

Bernice said...

pink: I think I was more disappointed than he was. We "made up" for it by taking him to the park. And by we, I mean Andrew.

Jasy said...

awww! :( that sucks.

don't lose heart! hopefully you'll be able to find him a different school that doesn't randomly shut down on the first day!

S2jay said...

poor georgio. should i still buy him that "rescue/back pack"

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