Taco Salad

September 22, 2008

I've been itching to make a taco salad (of sorts) for a while now and tonight I finally had the energy and motivation to do it. It's a huge undertaking, don't you know?

I started off baking an entire bag of tortilla shells to make chips (another thing I've been itching to do), instead of using corn chips, which we don't usually keep in our house. Then I went to town, picking out all the food from our fridge that needed to be finished (of course, only if it belonged in a taco salad).

An hour later (yes, I take a while but I think it's worth the time), I produced an enormous bowl of taco salad filled with homemade chips, extra lean ground beef (mixed with onions and garlic, seasoned with taco seasoning), cheddar cheese, tomatoes, lettuce and corn.

We're trying to eat a little healthier now, especially since one of us has received some negative comments about our bodily appearance, and this is the perfect way to pack a meal with tonnes of healthy stuff.


Jasy said...



mmm taco salad.


Joanna said...

sounds delicious!! :)

Bernice said...

jo: you should try it!

jasy: totally wanted to upload a picture but my memory card reader disappeared :(

Jasy said...

i like how the corn makes it look so colourful!

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