Andrew's 101 Things

October 20, 2008

so i decided to copy my wife and make one of these 101 things in 1001 days things. apparently i'm not as ambitious as my wife because it took her an easy two days to come up with her 101 things and it took me about two weeks. anyways, i figured it was about time i started writing down some goals and carrying them out. you can check it out here if you want.

in other news, i'm getting stalked at work by some crazy lady who keeps on calling pretending to be a man. i'm a little frightened.


Jasy said...

Yay! another 101 in 1001- er lol

And that's seriously creepy! She calls your HOUSE?

Andrew said...

no.. she calls my work pretending to be my client

mJ said...

Excellent goals andrew! haha i love how ur Bernice ones all involve activities YOU like!! :P (maybe minus the play)

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