October 16, 2008

Fire alarms have always been a source of stress and anxiety for me. I understand that they exist to protect me in case of a real emergency but they also cause a lot of problems in my life.

For instance, when I was in elementary school, I would avoid going to the bathroom as much as possible to avoid an embarrassing situation of being in the bathroom when the alarm sounded. Thinking back, I guess it wouldn't have been so horrible. It doesn't really take that long to get out of a bathroom, but still. I'm sure this is what started off my pee-holding problem which, if you can remember, lead to other issues.

Then, there were the times in Waterloo when I was living at WCRI. All those ridiculously timed fire drills and accidentally pulled fire alarms that wasted precious studying time and caused us to stand in the middle of snow and ice for hours (okay, minutes) while we waited for.. well, nothing really. No one ever showed up to tell us it was time to go inside so after a while, we'd just run back in and shake our heads in frustration.

And then there's tonight. Our poor little guy has caught a cold and has been having some trouble sleeping. We finally got him to fall asleep and stay asleep. Then, the fire alarm went off. It just kept going on and on (and of course, being conditioned to do so, Andrew and I didn't even make the slightest move to get out of the building. We're doomed to get caught in a burning building one day, I'm sure of it). We cursed the idiot who set it off and vowed that they'd "get it" if Nathan woke up. Thankfully, though it was very annoying for us, our little guy slept through the blaring alarm.

Please excuse the title. I have no real justification for it except that all the smart brain cells in my head are currently being used for studying.

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