DIY: Unclogging Drain Pipes

October 8, 1008

For your future benefit, I have put together a step-by-step tutorial of how not to unclog your kitchen sink.

It is generally not a good idea to let the excitement of getting to do some handy work take priority over finding some good protective gear. Doing what the instructions on the bottle says is also a good idea - i.e., don't plunge the drain after dumping corrosive liquid down it.

Mixing chemicals should not be done in a poorly ventilated area by an untrained person. Mixing drain-unclogging solutions is generally a bad idea. Mixing drain-unclogging solutions in very old drain pipes is an even worse idea.

Regardless of how desperate your significant other is to wash the dishes or perform other domestic tasks that require use of the clogged sink, putting a hole in the pipe for it to drain is not the way to go. Yes, it will drain, but it will also lead to other problems.

I repeat, holes are not good. And for the record, duct tape is not how you fix that hole.


Jasy said...

HAHAHA!!! Oh my goodness!

HOW did that hole form???

Hope you were able to get it fixed!

Alana said...

Hahaha oh no. That definitely does not look good! So, do you just have a clogged pipe with a big ol' hole in it now?????

Bernice said...

jasy: well.. that's another thing you're not supposed to do - clamp the wrench onto the already weakened pipe..

alana: haha no, luckily we had someone come in the next day to put a new pipe in.

pink said...

i love how your DIY, became...a DNDIY NOT do it yourself...

BUT...NEW PIPES - *yay*!! which means...domestic tasks can be done!!

Larissa said...

Sounds like my own plumbing experiences.

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