Hate My Printer

October 6, 2008

Which of the following reasons, in addition to the fact that it doesn't print when I want it to print, explain why I want to throw my printer out the window?

It is a printer that...
a) Repeatedly prints the alignment sheet, thus wasting your newly bought ink
b) Keeps telling me I'm out of ink/paper/time/money... despite all the ink/paper/time/money I keep putting in to it
c) Keeps flashing random lights at me to tell me it's trying to "do something"
d) Has a support site that does not support me and instead tells me to let the printer do its thing first (thereby supporting the printer and not me... I guess that's why it's the printer's support site)
e) Is all of the above

If you selected e, you are correct. What a coincidence, that is also the answer my printer has selected. Looks like it's time for a new printer.


Jasy said...

mine died too. blah.

S2jay said...

hey, maybe i can get you a new printer with my mac..


Bernice said...

jasy: we're unlucky

s2jay: you're going to get it for sure? we might get one too...

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