He's SO Distinguished

January 26, 2008

A conversation from the Tsoi Residence:

Nathan: Mommy, how do I look?
Me: [eating dinner] Hang on a moment, please.
Nathan: Tell me I look distinguished.

I kid you not, that is exactly what he said to me. And it’s not the first time he’s said “distinguished” either. Last time, he was wearing something and said, “Mommy, do I look distinguished?” I think he knows what he’s saying, despite what he’s wearing while he says it.


S2jay said...

i recall the last time he said distinguished was at home, when he put on that AWESOME Winnie the Pooh hat!. haha so great.

Larissa said...

That is REALLY cute. Kids pick up funny words.

pink said...

HAHAH! he's my hero!!

Jasy said...

bahhahahahhaa oh, nate, you make my world!

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