Nathan And The Blue Scribbles

January 30, 2008

Nathan felt it would be a better use of his time to cultivate his artistic ability rather than to take a nap. He chose to expand on his crayon skills. And of course, in order to achieve the aforementioned cultivation, a larger than usual canvas was needed. He chose to use the wall.

We've always allowed Nathan free access to his crayons, markers and paints. The only thing he's not allowed to touch are "mommy's special markers" (aka permanent markers). Never before has he even come close to drawing on the wall. We never felt the need to warn against it because that would only give him ideas we didn't want him to have. But the other day, he surprised us both. We were shocked at how much he had drawn.

Sorry buddio, you're going to need bigger hands than that to cover this one up.


Jasy said...

omg CUTE awwww.. you should put a frame around it haha

mJ said...

aww! lol how can u possibly get mad at that little guy?

irina said...

he's so adorable :)

i'm pretty sure (according to the commercial) "Mr.Clean's Magic Eraser" will get it off the wall haha

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