First Day Of Preschool

February 9, 2009

Nathan started his very first day of school today! I could hardly believe it this morning as I packed his little bag. With the failed first attempt at school and a few set backs with his toilet training in the not-so-distant past, I never thought this day would come. And now that it has, I can't believe how quickly time has passed!

I let him sleep in this morning to make sure he had tonnes of energy for school. He had a big lunch (to make up for breakfast, which he slept through) while watching Cars (what better way to start the day than to watch a favourite movie), got dressed and he was ready to go. Of course, before we could step out the door, I had to take some obligatory first day of school pictures. For some reason, he was really into making his "unimpressed" face today but I got a few happier ones out of him.

This first one makes him look pseudo-excited. Deep down inside, he was probably bursting with joy.

We finally put all his winter gear on, and sunglasses because it was so sunny today, and headed out the door. Driving him to school, it finally hit me that this is going to be our routine from now on! Every afternoon now, he will be at school.

Nathan was the only kid in the classroom when he arrived and he didn't waste a single moment getting into the swing of things. He went straight for the puzzles, did a few and then started with another activity within minutes.

When we picked Nathan up at the end of the day, he had already learned the names of the kids in his class. It was so exciting to hear him tell us all about his day - the music circles, the toys he played with, the snacks he ate and his new friends! Today was just an absolutely beautiful day.


Chris said...

those are just about the coolest shades i have ever seen

Chris said...

those are just about the coolest shades i have ever seen

Jasy said...


COOLEST kid in school!!!

YES!!! hahahhahahahhaa

This just made my life.

pink said...


those shades kind of make him look like a bad boy...girls are drawn to bad out for this kid - he looks like he'll be a heartbreaker!

Larissa said...

Love his first day of school look! How exciting.

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