Last day of school!

June 20, 2009

On Thursday, Nathan had his first last day of school. Well, kind of. Nathan was sick all week so he didn't go to class, and then on Thursday they had a "picnic" on the last day. I put picnic in quotes because we were inside. Thanks, rain.

Anyways, they had the food set up in the hallway. (I started writing this a few days ago, I'm not sure where I was going with that sentence, but food is obviously important so I'll tell you about the food now) So anyways there was tons of those healthy fruit and vegetable trays, chips, cookies, cupcakes, and sandwiches. oh and pizza. first, all they put out was cheese pizza. Seriously. Who eats cheese pizza? Apparently I do. I had like 5 slices. and THEN they brought out the pepperoni.

Okay now I remember, I'm writing about Nathan. So we got there and everyone was in the gym where they had face painting and an obstacle course set up. All the parents were mingling along the sides, and the kids were just running around and playing. Nathan was shy at first.. he is always way more shy when he's with Bernice or me than when he's by himself. But then some person dressed up in a Dora costume showed up, and Nathan followed her around for the next hour or so.

He's a big fan of TV, so when he sees a toy or character from the show, it's like he's meeting a pen pal for the first time. Only.. if your pen pal's letters were actually written by a team of adults and they sent the same letter to all the kids in the country. Also, they don't read your letters. So Nathan really enjoyed himself hanging around Dora - I think she liked him more than the other kids because he's the cutest. It could also have been because he was the only person not kicking her from behind or stealing things from her backpack.

After Dora left, we stayed for a bit longer while Nathan played with some crafts and talked to his friends a little. All in all, it was not a bad picnic. No outdoors and playing in the sun, but lots of Dora and cheese pizza.

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