Summer's Here!

June 22, 2009

It's Nathan's very first summer holiday and we're so unprepared. Apparently we were supposed to start signing him up for summer camps back in March, which I was totally unaware of. Last fall, I had called the Toronto Parks & Rec people and asked them to send me a program catalog when the new ones came out. The catalogs never arrived. And thus, I never knew when when the new season started, or when I was supposed to sign up.

Now, Nathan will (tentatively) be home all summer and now I have to come up with all sorts of fun activities for him to keep him occupied so Andrew will have free time to study. Hopefully, the activities will also tire him out just enough so he'll take long naps and sleep early so I'll have time to study as well.

We did, however, start the summer off on a nice note yesterday! We went down to Centre Island to watch my cousin's dragon boat race and spent the rest of the afternoon basking in the sun and splashing in the fountains. We ended the night off with some yummy Korean food for Father's Day.

Oh yeah, Happy Father's Day!

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jellobaby said...

lemme know if you need a babysitter! :)

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