Riddle Me This.

No-legs lay on one-leg, two legs sat near on three legs, four legs got some.

That's a riddle from The Hobbit. It means: Fish on a one-legged table, man sits at table on stool, cat gets the bones. Did you guess the answer? I couldn't get it at first. It was the one-legged table that stumped me.. what kind of table has one leg?? I guess in those times they stuck all the tables in the corner so it would only need one leg. Either that or its one of those tables with one leg in the middle and a wide base at the bottom.

Why am I talking about tables you ask? Allow me to answer your question with another question. Or more specifically, another riddle.

Two legs went to Pottery Barn to order four legs. One leg came in box. Two legs got mad.

I made that up myself! I know, it's a tricky one. Let me give you some hints. Two-legs? Me. Four-legs? A desk. Now.. why don't you take a guess at what one leg is? Go ahead, it's easier than you think...


Let me tell you the story. So on June 4, I went in to Pottery Barn Kids to order a desk wall system. That's basically a desk with cabinets on either side. Anyways, the lady said they don't deliver, but I could pick it up in 10 days, and it would all fit in an SUV. 22 days later, we got the call from Pottery Barn. Our desk was (finally) ready.

The next day, I drove down after work to pick up the desk system. It did not fit in an SUV. After 40 minutes of pushing and shoving, I finally squeezed 6 of the 8 boxes into the SUV and drove home. That night, we eagerly began putting the desk system together. When we got to the final box holding the desk itself, we noticed that the box seemed curiously small to hold a whole desk. With dread in my heart, I slowly began removing the pieces from the box one by one.

Desktop: 1
Drawer: 1
Leg: ...1?!

When we went back down to get the boxes that held the rest of the cabinets, we asked about the rest of the desk. We were told that the other leg (it's actually a base with drawers) does not come together with the desk, and they forgot to order it. Ordering it now would take ANOTHER two weeks or so.

After some time, when the cloud of rage cleared from my mind and I was finally able to unclench my fists, I tried to explain as calmly as I could that our desk was unable to stand with only one leg to support it. Thankfully, the guy at Pottery Barn was really nice, and spoke to his manager for us.

We now have a $200 credit at Pottery Barn to spend on things that will hopefully come with all parts included. It's almost worth it, I think.

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