Losing Toys

September 10, 2009

I was always very attached to my toys (well, some of my toys) when I was a little girl. It wasn't like I brought a toy with me everywhere I went. In fact, I'd leave them all at home so I knew where they were. But when we went camping, that was the worst. I'd beg and plead to bring every stuffed animal I had. Every. Single. One. And of course, my parents being level-headed, reasonable people, said I could bring them all! *jumps for joy* one.

ONE?! How could I possibly choose? And what if the house burns down while we're away? Or what if robbers come and steal all my toys? Then what?! (I know. Good, clear thinking happening right there, right?) So I came up with a genius idea. It was GENIUS. I chose to bring my biggest bear. He had a hat... in which I could stuff a few of the other stuffed animals! And then.. of course I was allowed to bring a pillow, and.. you guessed it! My pillow was 10 times larger than it normally was, thanks to all the remaining animals smuggled inside.

Wow.. *ahem* Don't judge me!

Anyway, this doesn't seem to be one of those genetic traits passed down through the generations, seeing as how Nathan brought his "favourite car" to church last Sunday and lost it there. We went back after lunch to look for it but it was no where to be found. And a couple hours later, he completely forgot about it!

Then, yesterday, he brought his T-rex to school (see yesterday's picture) and I thought he really liked it because he brought it everywhere he went. But this morning, I realized that he brought it to class and never brought it home so he probably lost it somewhere at school... and it never really bothered him.

I hope he doesn't get into the habit of losing toys because pretty soon our place will be empty (...or maybe I do want him to lose them all... *declutter!*) because there's no way I'm going to replace them! (And also because I think I miss his toys for him and my heart can't possibly stand too much more of this.)

I'll just have to make sure all his toys stay in one place.... that's all.

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