Not A City Girl

September 12, 2009

I have come to the very real realization that I am not cut out for living in the big city.

The driving drives me crazy - there's just so many cars, and I have never seen so many people intentionally drive the wrong way up a road to make a left turn, just so they don't have to wait an extra minute. I've witnessed 5 almost-accidents in the past 3 mornings alone! Crazy!

Things are old and diiiiirty - I suppose I've been a little spoiled in the past, living in Richmond Hill where everything was new and clean. But I can't help but expect at least some places, like where I buy my groceries, to be bright and clean! Is that too much to ask?

People are just too competitive - I've been wanting to sign Nathan up for after-school lessons for a while now and I finally had all the programs picked out and I was ready to go. Unfortunately, I forgot to get up at 7am this morning (yeah, a Saturday morning) when the registrations opened. Of course, all the other crazy parents in Toronto didn't forget so by the time I started signing up at 11am, all the after-school swimming programs were full! Like seriously! It's even worse than trying to get into a university course.

Oh man, I need a break. Someone find me a nice big, comfy chair out in the country where I can just live my life at a leisurely pace. This is too much stress..


pink said...

again...may I suggest...BARRIE!

choifish said...

... waterloo? :P

Bernice said...

haha you girls are hilarious (and very persistent!). i do plan on making my way to both places before the end of the year though :)

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