October 30, 2009

Nathan wanted to be a ghost this year.

I tried making other suggestions, persuading him to be something else, but he wouldn't budge. He wanted to be a ghost and that was final. That was good news to me - none of that last-minute changing of minds.

I was determined to make the coolest ghost costume ever. Ghost costumes are pretty simple - just toss a bedsheet over the child's head and you're done. Right? Wrong. Don't believe anything anyone tells you. It's all lies. Lies, lies and more lies. (Ahem.)

Since he had made up his mind early, I figured we could get the costume done early as well. But then I got sick. And by dinner time last night, he still didn't have a costume and his party was today.

So guess who stayed up into the wee hours of the night guessing at measurements and hand-stitching the ghost costume so that the eye holes (yes.. eye holes. Not a face hole as that would "ruin the holidays" according to my ever-so-eloquent 3-year-old, eye holes.) would stay in place when he moved around. Then I had to sew around the eye holes to reinforce them so that they wouldn't fray and become the face hole he dreaded.

But in the end, I persevered, and my son got a half-decent, made in 3-hours ghost costume.

He looks alright, doesn't he?

Ahh, whatever. You can't even tell it's him under there.


Note: If you look really closely, you'll see that he's sad and his costume is tear-stained because he doesn't think it's a fun idea to wear a costume and it's too dusty. (sigh.)


choifish said...

ohhh bee. that's so adorable.
i'd wear it. :)

Andrew said...

it would probably go down to your waist jasmine :)

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