I Am A Robot! I Am A Robot!

November 4, 2009

Nathan asked for batteries.
Andrew gave him batteries.
Chaos ensued.

For a short while until Nathan realized the noise was annoying as well. I'm so glad my son is rational. Oh, and he comes to my rescue if the robot ever tries to attack me. He'll shut that machine down so fast.

Note to future parents: Toys that make sounds and/or require batteries? Not the greatest idea.
Unless of course a) it has an "off" switch, b) it can still be played with, sans batteries, or c) you have a rational child like mine.

Andrew's note to potential gift givers: Receipt of such gifts will be immediately followed by jumping and screaming. By Andrew. And it will not be because he's happy.

Some might think this is a small price to see Andrew in this state. I say... just don't tell him I suggested it.

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