Feeling Fall

October 12, 2009

I think I've figured it out. I'm really into fall because for the entire 2009, we've been too busy to do anything fun and season-related.

In the spring, we didn't get to take walks in the park and see the cherry blossoms.

In the summer, we didn't get to go to any amusement parks or fairs.

So now that we've hit fall, I've been totally adamant on doing at least one seasonal activity. Despite the fact that two-thirds of our family was sick with some mysterious cold, we all bundled up, piled into the car and drove up to Chudleigh's for the morning.

We warmed up and had a nice hearty lunch at Turtle Jack's... and then went home for a nice nap.

Sorry for the lack of pictures today. I'm sick, tired and have resorted to wearing Andrew's clothes. (Because when my fat clothes aren't roomy enough, what do I do? Wear Andrew's clothes! Those have LOTS of room!) That's how gross I feel.

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