Turning Over A New Leaf

October 16, 2009

Earlier this week, we made some changes to Nathan's schedule. We were feeling a lot of tension and stress with his old schedule and while we liked that he got a nap after school (for his own sake and sanity), it was causing him to stay up later and wake up in the middle of the night... multiple times. This routine was tiring for all of us and wearing us all down to the core.

So now, Nathan doesn't nap after school and he sleeps quite early. We're talking about him being in bed by 8PM! It's like a miracle! And he doesn't even play around in bed for very long now. He just goes right to sleep. It's bliss.

And I've noticed some changes in his mood as well.

For example, this morning, I dropped him off at school as usual. Now, for the past month and a half, he's been clinging to me with all his might, whining and even crying about how he doesn't want me to leave. It's been quite frustrating and at times, embarrassing.

This morning, I witnessed the cutest little thing. One of Nathan's classmates' father was leaving, after dropping his two kids off. The little boy chased after him, saying "Wait, I need a hug and kiss!". Then after he got his, he pleaded that his older sister gets some as well. It was a really endearing scene.

As the father walked by, I made a light-hearted comment about how that doesn't last for very long.

Moments later, as we stood in front of Nathan's classroom door, he stepped inside, turned to me, looked me square in the eyes and said "Mommy, it's time for you to go now". I was shocked!

Could it be possible? My little boy isn't clinging to me anymore? He's not begging for me to stay? He's acting like a rational person? This is awesome! But.. wait. Why doesn't he want to cling to me anymore? Isn't he going to miss me? Doesn't he want to hang out with me?

In a moment of confusion and shock, I just asked for a high-five and waltzed out the door.

My little guy has turned over a new leaf. He's all grown up and ready for the world now. Sigh.

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pink said...

awww...nathan's turning into a little man!!

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