Apple Farm Fun

October 17, 2009

Okay, wow! I completely forgot to post our farm outing pictures! See what being sick does to my head?

We got in and went straight for the haybox. Sorta like a sandbox, but filled with hay. And in the middle was a giant slide but our little guy didn't attempt that. He just tossed the hay and rolled around in it.

And just moments after us moms were talking about how kids were throwing hay onto the slide and how horrible it was, Nathan gets a sly look on his face and tosses some onto the slide!

Then, he gets taken down.

Right beside the haybox was an actual sandbox. Nathan would have spent the entire day in that thing had we not ushered him away to this:

Despite the look on his face, he actually enjoyed it up there.


Then, Andrew got him to do this:

He became Farmer Green.

And fell in love with all the cut-out picture-op thingies we walked by.

This next part was my absolute favourite. I was a little worried Nathan would be scared of the animals, seeing as how he gets "shy" every time another breathing, moving being comes into his vicinity. But he had no qualms about going right into the middle of all the animals and letting them eat out of his hand!

So to celebrate my little guy's new-found bravery, I'm going to post our blog's first ever video!

I should also get a little bit of recognition here, too, because while I was in that little animal pen, I was so focused on documenting every precious moment of my child's first farm experience that I totally blocked out everything in my environment. So much so, that I didn't even notice this huge animal approaching me, until I looked up to say something to Nathan and was met with this:

Oh, hello. It scared the daylights out of me. But I had to quickly regain composure as I saw some lady laughing at me. That and I didn't want to miss anything cute.

After all that fun and excitement, we hopped on their scenic tour hayride, because the apple-picking one was way too long. We ended up sitting on the wrong side of the wagon and didn't see any of the orchard. They could have told us this before they took us for the long ride.

After we got our frozen bodies off the wagon, we got some red balloons,

Took some pictures in the pumpkins, and went out for a nice warm meal.

We basically spent the morning doing everything on the farm, except for picking apples.

Can you believe we did all that stuff in two hours? Seriously. It was an action-packed Thanksgiving Monday.


pink said...

I give TONS of credit for YOUR bravery, Bee!! If I had a head like THAT, right infront of my face - taking a picture of it would not have been my first instinct! haha

Kathryn said...

sooo cute!!! :D haha and I agree with Alison!!

Andrew said...

i love the pictures of the goats climbing on nathan.. that was awesome

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